A new wine club that aims to get the very best wine in your glass. Whether it’s wine with a pedigree, hard-to-get artisanal bottles, or just plain delicious juice, allow me to hand-select 3 wines from around the world, just for you.

Afraid of commitment?
You're in luck: I do not want to tie you down!  I will send you an email when I'm working on a shipment, and by simply clicking on a link in the email you can let me know if you want to receive the next selections.  It's that easy. 

Buy more of what you love
Received a Crush wine and you can’t stop thinking about it? Let me help you get more of your favourites! (But act fast – most of the wines are very small quantities!)

Direct to you
No extra shipping fees – 3 special wines delivered right to your home or office.

Get Geeky
Wine is meant for pleasure, plain and simple, but it just happens to be so incredibly interesting, too. Each Crush wine comes with tasting notes, food pairings, producer information and more to help you learn. So get wine geeky - but only if you want to!

Membership Privileges
Get access to personalized services and special club discounts.

Crush Wine Club 
Professionally curated on your behalf, delivered right to your doorstep - $129 a shipment